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Pigs in general need fairly warm environments to maintain health. Young pigs (3-6 weeks of age) should be kept at 70-75 degrees F. We recommend that animal rooms be maintained at a minimum of 70 degrees F. We must also take into consideration the type of flooring used in the enclosure. Plastic flooring is warmer to the pig than metal, and concrete floors can lower the temperature of what the pigs feel dramatically, especially if wet!

Pigs of all types are very susceptible to chilling. Care should be taken to not get them wet. If possible move pigs out of their pens during daily cleaning. The smaller the pig the more important this is. If chilling occurs, the pig's immune system may be compromised and upper respiratory infections may ensue.

Draft free:
Drafts are also very hazardous to the well being of the pig. In the lab environment drafts are usually caused by misdirected ceilings inlets. You can check for drafts by doing a "smoke test". This can be accomplished with smoke from candles, insect foggers or other sources. If the air at pig level is moving more than 0.25m/sec., you may be chilling your pigs. In this situation vents should be redirected so incoming air is directed across the ceiling instead of down on the pigs.
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