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Pigs are creatures of habit. They have a very good "biological clock". Therefore a strict routine should be followed when feeding them. The time of day should remain consistent 7 days a week! The type of and amount of food should also remain very consistent. Pigs have a very sensitive G.I. tract, so subtle changes in time, type or amount of feed can wreak havoc on their digestive system. Studies have shown that the pigs gut will actually begin digestion when they are supposed to be fed, so inconsistent feeding times will create stress on the gut and can lead to ulcers.

Farm pigs:
Should be fed based on their size/age. Young pigs require more protein than older pigs. For simplicity you can usually use one of two diets. Pig Starter (18-20% protein) for pigs under 18kgs, and Pig Grower (16-18% protein) for pigs over 18kgs. We recommend limit feeding all pigs ~1-2kg./day This can be given either all at once or divided into two feedings.

Mini and Micro pigs:
Should be fed based on age alone, as they grow much slower. Pigs under 2 months should be fed high quality Pig Starter diet at 0.5-1kg./day. Pigs over 2 months should be fed a high quality Grower diet designed specifically for Mini Pigs. We recommend Purinas Lab Chow #5L80 at 0.5-1kg/day. Be careful when buying Mini Pig diets that they don't contain too much fiber, 5-8% is preferred.
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