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S & S Farms maintains a U.S.D.A. licensed closed herd that is managed on an "All in All out" basis to ensure the highest health standards possible. Our breeding herd is also certified Brucellosis(#2678) and Pseudorabies(#68) free with the State of California.

  • Vaccinations:
    • FarrowSure B(Pfizer.): 5ml. (IM) to sows 2 wks. pre-breeding. 5ml. (IM) to boars bi-annually. (Parvovirus Vaccine, Killed Virus:Leptospira Bratislava-Canicola- Grippotyphosa- Hardjo-Icterohaemorrhagiae-Pomona Bacterin)
    • Rhinogen CTE-5000(Bayer): 2ml. (IM) to sows at 6wks. & 3wks. pre- farrowing.2ml. (IM) to boars bi-annually. 2ml. (IM) to piglets at 7-10 days old and 21-28 days of age. (Bordetella Bronchiseptica-Erysipelothrix Rhusiopathiae- Pasturella Multocida Bacterin Toxoid)
    • MycoSilencer(Bayer): 2ml. (IM) to piglets at 7-10 days of age and at 21-28 days of age. (Mycoplasma Hyopnemoniae Bacterin)
    • Ferrodex 200(Agrilabs): 1ml. to piglets at 1-3 days of age and again at weaning. (Iron Dextran 200mg./ml.)
  • Parasite Control:
    • Ivomec(MSD Agvet): 1ml. (SQ) of 0.27% Grower Formula to baby pigs at weanings (14-21 days old). (Ivermectin)
    • Safe-Guard(Hoechst-Roussel Agri-Vet Co.): 1 scoop (1.07 oz.) is fed to each sow for three consecutive days 1wk. pre-farrowing. Mini/Micro sows receive 1/2 scoop. All boars are treated bi-annually. (Fenbendazole)
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