About Us


S&S Farms was founded in 1987 by the father and son team of Carl and Tom Salayer and has always specialized in the production of high health status pigs for the biomedical industry.
Our goal is to consistently provide customers with the highest quality pig model. We ship our animals throughout the United States and Canada in our own climate-controlled vehicles. Delivery by commercial air via private courier is also available.

S&S Farms maintains a Class A U.S.D.A. licensed closed herd that is managed on an “All in All out” basis to ensure the highest health standards possible. Both the Domestic Pigs and Yucatan minipigs are raised at the same facility and are identical in health status. Both breeds being identical in health status allows them to be housed within the same air space at your facility.

Copies of health monitoring reports are available upon request.


S&S Farms maintains its Yucatan and Domestic pig breeding herds in Southern California and a Yucatan minipig grower inventory in Southwest Michigan. A second breeding and grower facility is being constructed in Indiana, and will be producing both breeds of animals by late 2020. All of our locations have the advantage of being isolated from other swine herds providing excellent biosecurity for our animals. Facilities have been designed with the sole purpose to produce pigs for the biomedical industry. Both farms have biosecurity measures in place to promote animal health and well-being. Every aspect ranging from nutrition to environmental controls is continuously monitored.

Customer References

Customer references are available upon request.

Upcoming Events

For the first year ever, S&S Farms plans on attending the SOT/ToxExpo in Anaheim this year. Look for booth #668, where you can meet the owners and people who personally care for the pigs you receive! Whether you are an existing or new customer stop by so that we can hear feedback or answer questions about our pigs. You can find information regarding SOT at ToxExpo 2020.

S&S Farms attends AALAS every year. You can find information regarding AALAS at www.aalas.org.

What’s New

S&S Farms is in the process of constructing a HEPA filtered, barrier, farrow and breeding facility in Indiana. This facility will be called Premier BioSource.  Both Domestic and Yucatan herds that will populate this facility will be cesarean derived. We look forward to completing the facility in early 2020 and begin providing both Domestics and Yucatans from this facility in late 2020. In the meantime, S&S will continue to provide Yucatans to the Midwest, Eastern US and Canada from our grower facility in Michigan.

Having breeding facilities in both Southern California and Indiana, will enable us to supply both Domestics and Yucatans to the continental US and Canada.

National Hog Farmer published this article in July that talks about the project.


Below is a small sampling of publicly available research articles in which swine from S&S Farms were used over the past 20 years.